Transforming Individual Lives, Today thanks generous sponsors and donors for cultivating community together. On September 23 2016, Garrison Keillor led a fundraiser benefiting isolated rural Ugandans in memory of Alec Johnson‘s work in the region.

Sponsors contributed a total of $50,500:

Thanks to those who purchased 620 tickets to attend the fundraiser, an additional $37,249.21 is available.

Finally, generous donors, many of whom also attended the fundraiser, donated an additional $24,981.27.

It adds up to $112,730.48 to help rural Ugandans build local community through education and sustainable infrastructure and agriculture.

The money will be used primarily to educate orphans and impoverished students who have shown academic ability and willingness to work, and to provide educational resources such as teacher housing and wells near schools. In particular, it covers the projected costs for education for children that Alec had identified as particularly deserving of his own support before his untimely death. Without these funds, most of these children would simply be unable to attend school.

While this was a fund-raising event, the benefits are not only financial. Thanks are also due to wise and compassionate attendees who shared their experience, knowledge, and wisdom gained in related work.

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