Even in relatively prosperous America, with state-sponsored education through high school, many families struggle to feed and clothe their children so they can benefit from education. In rural Uganda, in which only primary education tuition is paid by the state, fewer resources are available to help struggling families send their children to school. And when a family barely manages to cover the incidental expenses of putting a child through primary school, they are unlikely to have the resources to pay for secondary school.

Transforming Individual Lives Today makes it possible for you to sponsor deserving students who simply lack the family resources (or family at all!) to cover their educational expenses, but what about those with families who can’t quite manage the costs of school?

Carrying Potatoes

Give those students a leg up with a one-time gift of $43 for a breeding pair of goats or $50 for seed potatoes enough to plant a quarter acre plot. The student learns not only at school, but also basic animal husbandry or farming skills from caring for the goats or potato plot at home. And they pay it forward: The first offspring or potato harvest goes to the next family with the same needs!

Then after the family has paid it forward, they sell at market, adding to the locally-sourced food and building a more independent local economy. With the money they make from selling their produce, they first pay the incidental expenses of primary school students, and if the students score well on their Primary Leaving Exam, families will need to have built those financial resources to cover the cost of four to six years of secondary school.

Herding Goats

The local St. Augustine Community Love Programme has been providing starter goats and potatoes for years, funded both locally and by donations from friends abroad. Both the goats and potatoes have made families more financially independent, making the local community stronger. Transforming Individual Lives Today offers you the opportunity to give another family—and later, more families—a helping hand to support their children’s education in a way that benefits the whole community.

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