Give starter potatoes enough to plant a quarter acre to the family of a primary school student who need income to send their child to school. Your one-time $180 gift has a lifetime of impact. The student learns not only at school, but also farming at home—and also learns about paying it forward when enough of the first crop to plant another quarter acre is given to another family with the same needs, and the same responsibility to pay it forward.

Local Potatoes

Seven years of primary school tuition is state-sponsored, but some families simply cannot cover the incidental expenses. And when you help them succeed in primary school, they are more likely to need to pay secondary school tuition, which is the family’s responsibility. A plot of potatoes during primary school makes it more likely that the student will be able to attend secondary school as well.

(More interested in animal husbandry? Give goats instead!)

The family teaches the child to care for the potatoes and they grow the potatoes in a plot near their house.

Carrying Potatoes

From the first harvest, enough potatoes are given back to SACLP for the next family, and then the remaining potatoes are sold in the local market. Funds are used to help cost associated with the child’s schooling. `