We invite you to transform an individual’s life today through the power of education, or by funding practical, life-changing, self-sustaining projects.

Transform the life of an adolescent in a village in remote northwest Uganda by providing the opportunity to attend secondary school. The students in our program have been identified by their communities as adolescents in greatest need—many orphaned—who have shown unusual commitment to their studies and committed to benefiting their communities by their studies. For these students, living in mud hut villages, the opportunity to go to school means more than education, as boarding schools often mean better housing and regular meals. But it also means hope for their future and their community.

We have observed that the people in the remote villages of northwest Uganda do not lack intelligence, character, or drive; they simply lack resources and opportunities. Many of the aspects of their everyday lives are unnecessarily difficult and could be improved with sustainable solutions. We support locally-developed and administered projects that can be expanded to new villages in the area with a one-time gift. Mobilizing women to form microloan groups, teaching high school girls to manufacture their own sanitary pads or shoes, goat rearing, sustainable farming; the opportunities to transform lives are endless!

Please view our projects, partners, and students and consider how you may partner with us in the satisfying work of transforming individual lives.

Northwest Uganda