Several people and parter organizations have been and are important to the work TILT does to cultivate community.

  • Alec Johnson's Story

    Alec Johnson, who died December 23, 2014 in a drowning accident, was always captivated by knowing God, following Jesus in his lifestyle, and in helping the poor, the disadvantaged, and the homeless. Educating poor children, especially orphans, was important to him. In working with the poor, he sought ways to “capitalize” them, to help them help themselves.

  • Angela Ross's Story

    We started helping Ugandans because our older boys packed a couple hundred Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes a year, and one ended up going to Joshua Anywarach’s little brother. Josh wrote a letter thanking us and gave an email address, so I wrote back. We ended up emailing each other every night and “talked” for hours almost every night. He worked as a DJ at a Paidha, Uganda radio station then.

  • Sherie Renne's Story

    My name is Sherie Renne, and my husband and I began sponsoring two twin boys from NW Uganda in 2006.