There is an infinity of need among the children of the world.

This need is not primarily financial. It is a need for wise leaders who nurture children, and for education for both children and adults. Money itself does not meet these needs—but it can be used as a tool to capture opportunity.

More important than money is to build relationships—creating community—and within these relationships, to decide in what people and opportunities to invest guidance and money. Established relationships enable confident decisions about what to give to.

Transforming Individual Lives Today (“TILT”) is a Vermont-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded by Angela Ross, Esq., in 2009, to support the people of the Nebbi and nearby districts of Northwest Uganda. Independently, Alec Johnson in 2010 began establishing relationships to meet the needs there through a community-based charitable organization, St. Augustine Community Love Programme (SACLP), established by a local man, Anywarach Joshua, now a member of the Ugandan parliament.

Alec died in December, 2014, of accidental drowning. During his life, Alec had become committed to building community wherever he lived, and to providing what support he could to the lonely and impoverished, especially orphaned and needy children. His family wanted to continue the commitments he had made, and with Ms. Ross have expanded the scope of TILT to incorporate those commitments and projects.

A few weeks before Alec died, he and Sherie Renne had planned to build a web site to connect rural Ugandan orphans to sponsors, meeting the needs of individuals to build up the communities in which those orphans lived, and to cultivate relationships between those orphans and those privileged to help them. Both Alec and Sherie had traveled independently to Nebbi and had seen many of the same needs, and they shared a calling to address them directly and with others. After Alec’s death, family members and friends worked with Sherie to create this Cultivating Community web site to meet those needs, under the auspices of TILT.

TILT’s directors provide financially for all organizational administrative expenses. All other donations to support TILT’s work are applied in full to the students, projects, and partners TILT supports. See our 2016 Form 990.

For questions about giving, please contact

You may reach the directors at

  • Michael K. Johnson, President
  • James C. Kirk, Vice President
  • Daniel L. Johnson, Secretary
  • Lawrence A. Jess, Treasurer
  • Angela Ross, Esq., Director
  • Isabelle K. Johnson, Director
  • Sherie Renne, Director

Abongo Church in Northwest Uganda