Alec Johnson, whose legacy inspires our mission, supported organizations and people who he investigated carefully, and whose heart and mission aligned with his own. Transforming Individual Lives Today supports projects that continue and complement his life’s work.

  • One Gift, One Child

    Most children in “Orphanages” in Haiti are not orphans, and are subject to institutionalized abuse, including sexual abuse. Pierre Charlotin is a Haitian who became Alec’s friend while they lived in Madison, Wisconsin. He and his wife Natalie are devoting their career to the orphans of Haiti, not by building another orphanage, but by supporting families so that children are not abandoned to orphanages, providing supplies for orphans and orphanages, and building relationships and bringing accountability to the Haitian orphanage directors. Their goal is to make every orphanage a safe environment for the children, protected from physical and sexual abuse, trafficking and slavery.

    Since 2017, their NGO, One Gift, One Child (OGOC) has operated from an abandoned compound, which they improved into a therapy center. The owner now has asked them to purchase it, at a cost of US$32,000, by the end of 2023. Please join us in helping OGOC rescue and rehabilitate orphans.

  • St. Augustine Community Love Programme

    St. Augustine Community Love Programme (SACLP) is a Ugandan NGO founded by Hon. Anywarach Joshua Carter. Angela Ross, a Vermont attorney, became acquainted with Joshua through giving Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts when he was a popular Ugandan disc jockey. Her family sponsored vaccination and education for his younger siblings. Then, with the help of her local church, she supported him through college and law school, after which he was elected to the Ugandan Parliament representing the Nebbi and Etrussi districts in northwest Uganda, and promotes sustainable farming and education.

  • Farming God's Way

    Care of Creation, a charity based in Madison, Wisconsin, is a sponsor of Farming God’s Way, a farmers-education program for equatorial Africa.

  • Hometown Education Foundation

    Math professor Dr. Tonghai Yang founded Hometown Education Foundation to permit impoverished Chinese children in his own home town to have an education.

  • Jeffrey Boone

    Jeff and Alec were friends in graduate school in Madison. Since 2010, Jeff has worked regularly in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in support of a handful of struggling churches and after-school centers. Jeff has also done regular work with an orphanage in Romania since living there in 2005-06.