Alec Johnson supported organizations and people who he investigated carefully, and whose heart and mission aligned with his own. Transforming Individual Lives Today maintains his legacy of support.

Uganda: Alec supported the African work with devotion and joy, with the passion and commitment and delight that other men give to hunting and fishing. Most of this was directed through the St. Augustine Community Love Programme (SACLP), a Ugandan NGO founded by Hon. Anywarach Joshua Carter. Angela Ross, a Vermont attorney, became acquainted with Joshua through giving Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts when he was a popular Ugandan disc jockey. Her family sponsored vaccination and education for his younger siblings. Then, with the help of her local church, she supported him through college and law school, after which he was elected to the Ugandan Parliament representing the Nebbi and Etrussi districts in northwest Uganda, and promotes sustainable farming and education. SACLP continues to serve the Nebbi district’s poor, as well as those in Zombo district in remote northwest Uganda. Partnering with SACLP, Alec paid tuition for several students, and he had begun a scholarship program that is one of TILT’s most substantial activities.

Kenya and Uganda: Farming God’s Way. Alec had discovered the psychological benefits of raising plants, and that the poor are helped by being taught how to raise their own food. Care of Creation, a charity based in Madison, Wisconsin, is a sponsor of this farmers-education program for equatorial Africa. Alec had purchased land in central Uganda for a tree nursery. Care of Creation is helping TILT begin a training center in the Etrussi District administered by the St. Augustine Community Love Programme.

Haiti: One Gift, One Child. Pierre Charlotin is a Haitian who became Alec’s friend while they lived in Madison, Wisconsin. He and his wife Natalie are devoting their career to the orphans of Haiti, not by building another orphanage, but by providing supplies for orphans and orphanages, to build relationships and bring accountability to the Haitian orphanage directors. Their goal is to make every orphanage a safe environment for the children, protected from abuse, trafficking and slavery. Donate to support their work at Commission to Every Nation, a large, reputable vehicle for supporting independent missionaries.

China: Hometown Education Foundation. Alec was inspired by Math professor Dr. Tonghai Yang, who founded a project to permit impoverished Chinese children in his own home town to have an education. He was a mentor to Alec, who supported 5 students and visited the school. His management of this project has been exemplary. For example, each child’s home is visited to ensure that they’re in need, and to keep a scholarship he requires not high grades, but that the child work diligently and behave well, because so many begin school behind their peers.

Mexico: Jeffrey Boone. Jeff and Alec were friends in graduate school in Madison. In 2010 Jeff left to work in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in support of a handful of struggling churches and after-school centers. Working alongside local leaders, he coordinates activities, brings supplies, and funds scholarships to keep children from dropping out of school. Alec visited Ciudad Juárez in 2014. Jeff has also done occasional work with an orphanage in Romania since living there in 2005-06. TILT is continuing Alec’s personal support of Jeff’s ministry.