We work with the local NGOs such as One Gift, One Child and St. Augustine Community Love Programme (SACLP) to fund initiatives to create local opportuity and seed sustainable local industry. Life-changing resources can be surprisingly modest. Your donation supports projects like these.

  • Rescuing and Rehabilitating orphans in Haiti: One Gift One Child

    Times are hard for the people of Haiti. We are seeking funds to help some good people continue their service in rescuing orphaned and at-risk children there, and we need you!

    Only a handful of Haitian orphanages actually nurture, educate and rehabilitate their children back into family environments. “Orphans” are exploited in Haiti. Most are actually children abandoned by their families. Many children are kept in servitude; both boys and girls may be sexually exploited. U.S. churches sometimes help foster this abuse by failing to carefully investigate how the orphanages use their support, how they are run, and how their income flows.

  • Microeconomic Groups

    In April 2012, the late Alec Johnson proposed to the St. Augustine Community Love Programme a structure for village-based cooperative savings and loan groups, based on local culture, to provide capital for small craft projects making items to be sold in the market for cash. Over 250 groups were formed, and some of these groups did very well. In 2023, a new Uganda NGO was formed, Amazing Love Uganda (ALU), to coordinate economic and financial training among these groups to strengthen their financial management.

  • Child Community Development Initiative

    Stephen and Beatrice Nyitho began taking orphans into their home. (Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27) As the children grew, they taught them their own trade, tailoring, and started the Child Community Development Initiative (CCDI) NGO to expand the work to more children.

    They suggested to TILT that it would be useful to expand this to other impoverished children too poor to afford vocational training. TILT purchased sewing machines for training and as starter machines for graduates. Next, they suggested to TILT that it would be useful to train up others in metal fabrication and repair, and to provide cosmetology training. TILT gave them a grant of $20,000 to begin this.

Completed Projects

  • Seed Potato Storage

    There are two growing seasons in Uganda. Potatoes are a staple. Seed potatoes are saved from each crop to start the next. These have been piled in the back of thatched huts. The St. Augustine Community Love Programme noted that these often rotted during the few weeks between seasons. Three times, TILT has donated funds for construction of simple ventilated secure buildings with racks for potato storage. This solved the problem of rot loss and allowed sales of some of their supply and donation of other seed potatoes to impoverished families.

  • Starter Potatoes

    Families of a primary school student who need income to send their child to school are given enoguh starter potatoes to plant a quarter acre. The student learned not only at school, but also farming at home—and also learned about paying it forward when enough of the first crop to plant another quarter acre was given to another family with the same needs, and the same responsibility to pay it forward.

  • Flour Mills

    TILT has provided six flour mills for a womens’ entrepreneurial project in which groups of responsible women in a village are capitalized with a flour mill to start a business milling flour for their local area.

  • Goats for Kids

    A breeding pair of goats is given to the family of a primary school student who need income to send their child to school. The student learns not only at school, but also animal husbandry at home—and also learns about paying it forward when the first offspring from the pair are given to more families with the same needs, and the same responsibility to pay it forward.

  • Scholarships

    TILT has maintained a scholarship program for impoverished secondary students and a few vocational/technical students. There are now about 50 students in this program, which is slowly winding down as students graduate.

  • Teacher Housing

    Elementary teachers sometimes must walk several kilometers on paths through the bush because there is no housing near the school. A duplex near a school requires about $6000 in materials (cement floor, brick walls, steel roof, plastered interior). It is built with the volunteer labor of the students’ parents.